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How to change system/admin password

This guide is for logging into the system.
If you are trying to log in to app for remote viewing, please refer to set up guide for the app.

To change the system/sdmin password, please follow the instruction below

  1. Log in using the ‘admin’ and go to: system setup > system admin > user > set password.
    If you are logged into different username, please log out [exit system > log out] and log in as admin)
  2. User Screen
    User Screen
  3. From the set password, type in the old password, and type in new password for the ‘admin’.
  4. User Set Password
    User Set Password
  5. Type in the new password one more time on the ‘Repeat’ for the confirmation and click ‘OK’, and ‘OK’ one more time to save & exit.

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