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How to sync camera – Gen.2

Pre-Check List

Wireless Sync Connection Diagram
Wireless Sync Connection Diagram
  1. Please connect the power to the system and the camera.
  2. Make sure both devices have power and turned on.
  3. Have the system and the camera close to each other.
  4. Perform the firmware version check and follow the proper steps.

Firmware Version Check

System Info Screen
System Info Screen
  1. Bring up the menu on the system by clicking right mouse button.
  2. Navigate the menu and go to: System setup > System > System info > S/W version
  3. S/W version is your system firmware version.
  4. If your firmware is below Follow this
    If your firmware is and above: Follow this

Firmware Version Below

  1. Perform Firmware Update
  2. If your NVR model is: CVT9604E
    If your NVR model is: CVT9608E

Firmware Version and Above

Video Manage Screen
Video Manage Screen
  1. Power on the system and the camera near the system.
  2. From the system go to ‘Video manage’ and click ‘WiFi Add’.
  3. Once you see the WiFi add screen display, press & hold the ‘Sync’ button for 5 seconds to enter the wireless sync mode.
  4. Please allow 30~60 second for the system to search and add the camera to the system.
  5. When the system is done adding the camera, click on the ‘Exit’ to stop the pairing process.
  6. When WiFi add is finished, the camera should move to the bottom chart with IP address starting with 172.
  7. Click ‘OK’ to save & exit the system and you are done.
  8. If you have an issue syncing the camera to the system, please press & hold the ‘Sync’ button for 10 seconds to reset and try again. The reset process may take up to 1~2 min.
    If there is no available space for the camera, please make sure to delete the camera from the bottom chart before adding a new camera.

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