How to resolve No Video Source


You may need to bring down the camera and bring it close to the NVR system.

No video source indicates that the camera has been deleted off from the NVR system.
To add the camera back into the system, please follow the instruction below.

First, go to ‘Video manage’ and take a look at the top chart. If you are able to see the camera listed on the chart, please follow Step. 1 to add the camera back into the system.

However, if you are unable to see any cameras listed on the top chart, please add the camera back into the system following the ‘camera sync instruction’ here.

Video Manage Screen
Video Manage Screen

Step. 1

  1. Go to ‘Video mange’ and click ‘Refresh’ to search for the nearby camera. (May take about 20 ~ 30 second).
  2. You should be able to see the cameras listed on the top chart.
  3. With the camera display (with IP address starting with 172) double click on the camera to add it back into the system.
  4. When you are done click ‘OK’ to save & exit.