How to set up motion notification for app


Must be logged in to the IP Pro App.
Your device (NVR System) must be added to the IP Pro App.

How to set up motion notification for application.

  1. If you have IP Pro on your mobile device, you can proceed to next step. If you need to set up the IP Pro app, follow the instruction here.
  2. From the NVR system go to: ‘System setup > Channel setup > Video detection’.
  3. Enable APP Notification
    Enable APP Notification
  4. From the video detection, select the camera you want to enable the motion notification.
  5. Check the box ‘APP Alarm’ from the bottom to enable the notification.
  6. Click ‘Apply’ to save the setting.
  7. Repeat steps 2 ~ 5 to enable the motion notification for other channels.
  8. Click ‘OK’ to save and exit
  9. To avoid & reduce the false notification, please check here