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CVT9608E Firmware

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Requires Internet Connection:
Downloading firmware requires Internet connection.
Requires Admin Access:
Updating Firmware Require Admin Level Access on Your System.
Requires USB Flash Drive:
Updating Firmware Require USB Flash Drive.
We recommend that you read all the documents and instruction before updating the firmware.

1. Firmware Version checkup

  1. Right click to bring up the main menu and go to: System setup > System admin > System info
  2. Check the ‘S/W version’ for the current firmware version information.

2. Update Firmware

  1. Download the Latest Firmware on your USB Flash Drive.
    (Please check the website at ‘’ for the latest firmware information)
  2. Insert the USB Flash Drive into the available USB slot on the NVR system.
  3. Front USB Port
    Front USB Port
    Back USB Port
    Back USB Port
  4. Right click to bring up the main menu and go to: System setup > System admin > System upgrade.
  5. System Upgrade Screen
    System Upgrade Screen
  6. Make sure the ‘Restart after the upgrade’ box is checked
  7. Select ‘USB storage’ from the first drop-down menu.
  8. Select ‘System’ from the second drop-down menu.
  9. Click ‘Start’ and click ‘OK’ on the confirmation message to start the system upgrade.

– Please use a USB Flash Drive to upgrade the firmware. USB hard drive may not be recognized by the NVR system.

– USB Flash Drive must be formatted to ‘Fat32’ format.

– Make sure the upgrade firmware file (.rom) is located at the root directory of the USB Flash Drive and not in the folder.

– DO NOT rename or make any change to the downloaded file.

– DO NOT unplug the system power during the upgrade, or the system may get damaged.


17,039,360 bytes (17 MB on disk)


CVT9608E Downloads 9608E Firmware